Blackwattle Buff Grog Paperclay10kg bag

Blackwattle Buff Grog Paperclay10kg bag


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Brand: Blackwattle Pottery

Size: 10kg

This clay fires to a warm brown colour. The addition of cellulose fibre make this clay stronger and more forgiving than normal clay. A very strong clay for handforming slab building clay. This clay is extremely strong in the unfired state making it suitable as an air dry clay. For air dry clay, simply apply a sealant or acrylic paint to the dry clay art work. For firing, this clay should be bisque fired to a minimum of 1080℃. and glaze fired 1100-1280℃. Shrinkage rate Bisque 7%. Earthenware 7 %. Midfire 9%. Stoneware 12%.
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