Blackwattle White Grog Paperclay 10kg Bag

Blackwattle White Grog Paperclay 10kg Bag


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Product Code: BWCWGRPC

Brand: Blackwattle

Size: 10kg

The addition of cellulose fibres to the white grograku clay to make it much stronger and more forgiving than normal clay. This clay is extremely strong in the unfired state, making it suitable for use as an air drying clay. For air drying clay, apply a sealant or paint the dry artworks. This clay can also be kiln fired. Underglaze decoration should be applied after bisque (1st) firing. Excellent clay for large handbuilt work where a textured clay is required.Suitable for slabs, platters, tiles etc. Glaze with the Blackwattle Range of EB brush on glazes. Fires from 1100 to 1280C.Shrinkage rate Bisque 8%. Earthenware 9 %. Midfire 11%. Stoneware 13%.
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